Keeping your aquarium cool in the summer.


In these warmer weeks of summer, it's important to keep your fish from overheating.

Tropical and Marine fish don't like fluctuation of their temperature.  With most fish thriving in 76 - 78 deg. F.

Goldfish like it even cooler!!

The warmer the water in your aquarium, the less oxygen is in it, so here are some tips to help keep the temperature down.


1.  Lights, even LEDs can give off heat.  Keep the lights off during the warmest part of the day.  If you have live plants or coral, perhaps switch their cycle to evening.

2.  Open up the top,  letting the heat release with an open top can help keep the aquariums temperature balanced.  WARNING:  Fish can jump out!!

3.  Aim a fan at the aquarium,  perhaps the top of the aquarium to reduce the heat.

4.  Increase water circulation.  With an air pump or powerhead, extra waterflow can help put oxygen in the water.

5.  Ice packs.  WARNING:  Do not use gel packs, I prefer plastic water bottles that are filled with ice.  You don't want any chemicals leaking into the water.

WARNING #2: Don't suddenly reduce the temperature or flash cool your aquarium.  Remember, fish don't like suddent fluctuations, so gradually lower the temperature when necessary.

6.  Chiller system.  This option can be expensive, but there are air conditioners for aquariums.  

I hope these tips help keep your fish healthy and happy during the summertime.